Shaving Had Become My Hobby

After being reintroduced to straight edge shaving by my barber, I have started trying out various shaving products; everything from different razors to brushed and shaving soaps. I have also been looking for cases to hold my shaving supplies and other accessory items to go along with what I consider to be a new hobby. It is not a bad hobby to have, since it is something that I have to do every day anyway. I may as well have some fun with it and turn it into an art form of my own.

Right now, I am most interested in finding the perfect shaving soap. There are differences, in smell, texture, and consistency. Some of the soaps are better used cold, and others need to be heated in order to be most effective. I want to try them all and see which ones are the right things for the right occasions. After that come the aftershaves, because one of the worst things about shaving in any shape or form is the razor burn that comes afterward.

So I do have a new hobby. It has been a lot of fun finding what all is out there by way of shaving and shaving accessories. I feel that in a way, it connects me with men of all time, because shaving is something that archaeologists have shown has been a practice engaged in from the beginning of recorded history. As long as hair is growing on the face, there will be shaving.

Source by Jonathan Wickham

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