Shark Tales Crafts Are Fun To Make And Fun To Play With

Kids everywhere loved the movie Shark Tales. This movie quickly became popular with kids of all ages. Every kid has their favorite character. Ernie and Bernie are two or the more popular characters that kids like. This craft is very easy to do and kids of all ages will have so much fun putting together their own Shark Tales craft.

Here are the materials you will need for this paper plate jelly fish craft.

Paper plates

Strips of crepe paper or ribbons

Glue stick

Stapler (optional)


Crayons or marks

Construction paper

The first thing that you want to do is to cut the paper plate in half circles. If the kids are old enough they can do these themselves or you can do it before the craft starts. Once the circles are cut in half to make the body the kids will need to color the half circles for their Shark Tales jelly fish.

Now you will need to have black and white paper circles for the eyes of the jellyfish. Again, you can either do this part yourself or have the kids cut out their own circles for the eyes depending on what their age is. Now you will need to glue or staple (your choice) the strips of tissue / crepe / construction paper along the bottom of the half circles. Then you will just need to glue the eyes and mouth (they can just draw a mouth on their jelly fish if they prefer) onto the front of the Shark Tales jellyfish.

They now have their own Shark Tales jelly fish that they can play with or hang up in their room at home. Kids will love making this fun and easy craft no matter what age they are.

Source by Gail Leino

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