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Security Signs – Protect Your Property

There is something to be said about being direct and to the point. Say what you mean and, hopefully, people will respond quickly and decisively. Speaking directly and being precise in communication not only drives your point home, but leaves little room for uncertainty. Written communications should be direct and straightforward, as well. State your message clearly and concisely and people will respond. Security Signs are a great way to get your point across, whether that message is a directive, alert or warning.

You’ll find security signs throughout your neighborhood and town. Common places for these signs are warehouses, facilities, airports, municipal lots, retail areas, office parks and private property. Smart businesses will post various security signs around their parking lots, loading docks and additional areas to warn trespassers, vandals and other nefarious persons that this particular property is not a place for them. Various security system and alarm signs, security camera signs, security surveillance signs and security notice signs can be posted around your property to warn individuals who are there illegally that they are being monitored and/or videotaped. The presence of these type of signs are usually enough to deter would-be vandals or trespassers from committing any crimes on your property.

Well-placed security signs are also appropriate for homeowners who wish to protect their property from vandals or burglars. Having a clearly visible sign that warns of security cameras in use can certainly cause a criminal to skip your house in favor of a less potentially risky residence. The addition of a sign that describes the presence of guard dogs, alongside a security camera sign, can act as a two-pronged approach to the security of your property.

Security signs are available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials. It is important to choose a sign that is large enough to be seen, while at the same time does not create an eyesore or detract from the esthetic of the property. Be sure to consider purchasing mounting brackets or a sign post to securely hold your security sign.

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