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Security Guards & Customer Service Training

If you are looking to hire security guards or already have them then it is vital thta you consider the degree to which you want them to interact with clients, employees, and, anyone for that matter. Most officers are not trained in customer service, yet they are often the first and last person people see at any business. As such, it’s very important that any dialogue they have with the public or staff is monitiored or at least some rules and reguations are set-up so everyone is clear on what is acceptable interaction.

In general, officer have very little training when it comes to conversing with people. Setting limits, even shaping acceptable, speech can really help the bottom line. Perhaps your company has a strict anti-fraternization policy in place. If so, the guards on duty need to know this too. Perhaps you want your officers to greet each customer with a smile and a ‘hello.’  If it’s not in writing, then consider it as not being implemented. It’s advisable to be as specific as possible regarding customer service expectations. For example, do you want your staff to open doors, help carry things, grab the elevator buttom. If so, put it in writing. The more detailed you are, the better. Never assume officers know what are referring to.

Customer service is covered in a new article called Security Los Angeles .In it, Mr. Evan Blumb assets that, as a general rule, such issues are not even discussed with guard applicants when they are hired. The more these issues are disscussed the more clear it will be for everyone involved. If you need to improve your overall customer service, consider having the guard company create a list of post orders and training each officer on the topics you value most.

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