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Security Dvrs for Surveillance and Safety From Apexcctv

In the early days, video from multiple security cameras were recorded using time-lapse VCRs and multiplexers. Due to recent advancements in recording technology, digital video recorders (DVRs) have started replacing many VCRs and multiplexers. DVR security camera systems record video on a hard drive-based medium, eliminating the need for a videotape. These sophisticated systems have the ability to manage multiple cameras as well as record and playback video locally or through the Internet.

Before choosing a DVR, decide how many cameras you want to connect to it. The video recording rate, which is calculated in frames per second (fps), should also play a major role in your buying decision. For high-end security systems, opt for a DVR that has a high recording rate; however, a camera with a low recording rate would be sufficient to meet most security needs.

There are two types of DVRs, PC-based models and stand-alone units. ApexCCTV offers both. PC-based DVRs come with 4, 8, 12, 16, or 32 camera inputs. These security DVR systems convert analog signals to digital signals and compress them. The compressed data is then stored on a hard drive for archiving and playback. By entering the date and time using their on-screen menus, PC-based DVR systems allow you to search and easily retrieve images and videos of any point in time.

You can access a DVR surveillance camera system from a remote location using any TCP/IP network or dial-up connection. The video that the security camera systems capture can even be viewed with client software. The PC-based DVR has the added advantage of allowing you to connect more cameras when you install multiple DVR cards in your computer. These capture cards are available from INOX, AverMedia, and GeoVision.

You can also opt for stand-alone DVR systems. It can be operated by the simple push of a button and does not require the use of a PC. They come with 4, 8, 9, or 16 camera inputs. Because their video is compressed less than PC-based units, stand-alone DVR security systemsoffer better picture quality. They have a single circuit board with software that is encoded on their chips. The software of these DVR surveillance systems is often more stable than PC-based DVRs.

Standalone DVR units are very efficient when used for home security. They allow you to monitor your security cameras while you watch TV. They also include an IR remote that lets you control the live video from your security camera. If you want to record and store this data, then get a stand-alone DVR model that includes a hard drive.

Security DVR systems provide detailed images and crystal clear video that do not degrade. They also allow you to record video for a longer period of time and let you pause the video without distorting the picture. To upgrade your surveillance system, a DVR from ApexCCTV is a great choice.

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