Scrapbooking For Children – Keep it Fun and Safe

When you get your kids into scrapbooking, just like many other hobbies it benefits both them and yourself. For you, it avoids you worrying about what they are up to, and for them, it stimulates their creative mind and keeps them out of trouble. You can have them sit and stay in their room and they can enjoy it.

There are a few precautions you can and should take to ensure the safety of your child. Ensure that the medium they are using (marks, paint or water colors, crayons, color pencils etc.) are non-toxic. This obviously depends on the age of your child.

Glitters can be quite a mess as well so if your child is not keeping it neat, try to buy them glitter glues rather than packs of glitters wheree if dropped or a strong wind blows, you'll have to spend your whole afternoon vacuuming! Do not forget to leave an empty plastic bag or rubbish bin next to your child and instruct them on throwing the waste from paper clippings in there.

Stickers can help in keeping your child interested. Buy stickers and ink stamps on things your child loves. From cars to cartoon characters and have them stick it in their scrapbooks.

You can also encourage your child to collect simple things for scrapbooking ; stamps, certain magazines for clippings, candy wrappers and even wooden ice cream sticks.

More importantly, ensure that the scissors your child uses is safe for them to use! Pay attention to the size and sharpness of the scissors you buy. It should be sharp enough to cut paper but not sharp enough to cut a finger! Also, the paper that you buy for your child's scrapbooking should be those that are simple enough to cut. If you feel you can not trust your child with a certain tools eg cutters or preferably anything with a blade.

Source by Lisa Sutherland

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