Rewards For Your Puppy When Training

When you are trying to train a puppy, chances are good that you already know you've got a lot to do. Training a puppy can be very difficult, but it is important to know how puppy brains work, so that you can be as successful as possible when it comes to training them.


One of the most important things that you can do for your puppy is offer them rewards for good behavior. This is an idea that is often overlooked when it comes to puppy training, because many people do not understand just how important it is. However, rewards are very important when it comes to puppy training, because of the way that a dog's mind functions and because of how a dog sees the world.

A puppy sees the world as a series of events, one right after the other, and often times that they do not much care if those events do not go their way. However, what they do care about is the events that do go their way, and the ones that make them the happiest. Dogs live in the moment, which means that they are not able to see what they might have done two hours ago as negative. This is why punishing a dog for something he did while you were at work is not going to make any difference – he will not be able to understand that you are actually punishing him for something because he will not know what to refer it to. Dogs live in the moment, and what this means is that the most important thing you can do for your dog is show him, in the moment, what the right experiences should be.


Because of the way that dogs live from moment to moment, and because of the way that they remember the events that are good for them, a dog is going to be very likely to respond to the positive rewards that you give him. This is why it is so easy to train a dog to do a trick. If you give a dog a small snack for something that they do on command, they are going to remember to do that thing when you give them the command, because they'll remember the reward that came with it. However, punishing a dog for doing something is not going to make them stop that behavior, because they will not associate a negative exit with an event – unless you can manage to catch them in the act and speak to them sternly. If you do not catch a dog in the act, punishing them is only going to make them fearful of you and sometimes, create an anxiety with your dog.

Therefore, the best way that you can get your dog to anything – from doing tricks and behaving, to dressing up for you in dog clothes, is to make sure that you are rewarding him for the good behavior that you see.

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