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Revolutionary G700 Tactical Flashlight

People have been doing outdoor activities since the beginning of time when there was no lightning except for fire. Nowadays we have flashlights that can light your way and keep you safe in the wild, but I think that we all are tired of the same old flashlight that is mostly foggy and blurb.

 Lumitack is a company that is dedicated to make the flashlights great again and with the G700 tactical flashlight they have introduced the world to the flashlight of the 21’st century. For years people have been waiting for a flashlight that can serve them as a backup plan that could give them light in case of emergency like power blackout, earthquake or just for outdoor activates.

G700 LED Technology   

There are several G700 features that are revolutionary in the industry, but mostly they are upgraded to be more powerful than the last model. Flashlights so far have been using the same concept of making the flashlights with square led lamps that made all the flashlights large and not handy to use, but the revolution happened when Lumitack decided to transform the led concept from square to circular making the flashlight more powerful and handier to use. With additional LED power of 700 lumens the G700 flashlight is the most powerful flashlight on the market.   

Long Lasting Battery Power 

The biggest problem with flashlights is that they aren’t lasting long enough and when you go to long distance hiking then you can’t risk having a flashlight with no long lasting battery power. With having this in mind the developers behind the G700 have made the battery power to last up to 3 months with constant use. All you need to power the flashlight is just 2 double-AA batteries which have the option to be reloaded with an USB cable from any kind of device.

Extreme Focus Modes  

One of the greatest thing about the G700 and personally my favorite feature is the focus mode. Having focus mode features means that you can light your way up in any kind of environment whether it’s a cave or a large road or in case you get lost the flashlight is design for extreme situations to be helpful towards your situation. The focus mode features on the flashlight are: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The strobe mode can be used also as a self-defense mode which will instantly disoriented any kind of danger within second.  

Telescoping Modes

The telescoping features unlike a regular flashlight have been upgraded to a another level that can be used for sopting targets in the radius of 2000 feet. Telescoping feature has in total 5 different modes: 

  • X1 
  • X250
  • X500
  • X1000
  • X2000 

With having a large perimeter of 2000 feet around you instantly feel safer in the forest than at your home. 

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