Responsibilities of Owning a Dog

When you get a dog you start being responsible for him. He must be fed, housed and you must care for him for the rest of his life. When he is a puppy you need to set boundaries. To teach him good behavior you must set the boundaries in a fair way. A dog needs to exercise and have a mental stimulation or he will not be healthy. You can not just leave a dog to run around and entertain for him because he will cause mischief. You must be around him and interact with him.

But taking care of a dog is far simpler than other responsibilities we have in our lives. Your dog needs only food and water, regular exercise, shelter, training and vet care. If you can provide these things your dog will appreciate it and live a happy life. You will share a strong bond with your dog. If you do not provide these things you risk you dog's health. He might even turn into a dog with bad habits. He will bark all night long, he will start biting. Destroying things in your house will become his main hobby; he will start stealing food from the table. No dog owner wants his dog to like like this. If you want to have a dog make sure you are capable of providing him his necessary needs.

Having a good bond with your dog will help you find a suitable breeder easily. Having a good relationship with your dog can bring you many rewards.

Source by Milan Skuta

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