Remote Control Aircrafts Are Naturally Fascinating to Children of All Ages

What happens when you're standing outside with your little one, and you hear the whistling sound of jet engines overhead? Is not your attention suddenly drawn to your child as they point toward the sky, jump up and down, and excitedly yell "airplane, airplane?"

Nothing compares to the look of utter capture on every youth's face when they spot an aircraft flying across that blue expanse above them.

My grandson never tires of telling me how he went up for a demonstration flight at the county fair one day. It was his first airplane ride, and one that he'll always maintain as part of his most favorite memories. After the plane leveled out the pilot handed the controls over to my grandson, and let him fly the aircraft for a while. He set his mind before this day to become a pilot as an adult, and I know he'll always cherish flying that airplane at the age of four (I think) as a major event.

Kids start deciding their adult career choices at an early age. Of course, those choices change many times through their years from youth to adulthood, at least they do for most kids. I know in my youth, I had four or five different job choices before my fourteen birthday.

As adults we have the responsibility to help them make those smart choices by guiding them into awareness of what results they face from the choices they make. One way to provide that guidance is to give them a taste of what they say, or think, they want as goals for later in life.

If your child decides on flying as a career choice, why not give her or him a remote control aircraft, and let them learn how to fly right then.

Start with an RC trainer because crashes are normal when beginners take to the air. Then, once they learn control of the aircraft, let them sample different types of model aircraft to see which branch of the flying career they'll pursue.

Plenty of radio control aircraft vehicles line up for those sampling opportunities:

  • Cessna type single and dual motor airplanes for vacation flying, tour pilot, crop dusting, and corporate pilot jobs.
  • Jets used for corporate business trips, and many other transportation reasons.
  • Commercial models for transporting passengers on trips for pleasure and business.
  • Helicopters for sightseeing, corporate, rescue, and medical transport. Helicopters are probably the most difficult RC aircraft models to fly, and take hours of practice to skillfully control.
  • Military aircraft including turbo-prop airplanes of many types, jet planes, and helicopters for missions of war and humanitarian operations.

Those RC aircraft will fascinate your children beyond imagination, and they'll be intrigued for hours just flying them around.

When your child has her or his mind set on becoming a pilot, and you give them a remote control aircraft for those initial flight-learning experiences, how thrilled will you make them?

How many "I love yous" does something like that get you?

Source by Joseph Jackson

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