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RC Car Body Classifications – Must Know Facts For Car Lovers

When we say ‘RC Car Body’, it means the outer shell or covering of the RC car that defines its appearance. There are two general classifications for RC car bodies depending on their availability, and these are:
• Pre-built: This type of car body will come with a pre-assembled car and look like other similar models manufactured by the company. Most of the pre-built RC Car bodies are designed on real car models. Hobbyists purchase these models for displaying their craftsmanship. With the pre-built car bodies, one can possess their dream car, albeit as a remote control car!
• Customized: Pre-build car bodies have a uniform appearance. However, serious car enthusiasts prefer to add their own personalized touches to the car bodies. Long time enthusiasts of RC cars try to achieve one of the two objectives, namely aesthetical advancement or performance enhancement. Car enthusiasts, who want their cars to stand out in the crowd or look better than the others, customize the car bodies for aesthetical enhancement. Many customization ventures are also undertaken to enhance the performance of the RC car by improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle to attain maximum speeds.

The most common type and easily recognizable car bodies may be of three kinds:
1. Realistic Car body: These are based on the normal cars running on the road. Basically, they are miniature models of real cars. They may often be modeled on the latest winner of the world car rallies like a Ferrari or on the more ‘cool’ model like the Hummer. The realistic RC car body is highly regarded for its craftsmanship and faithfulness to the original car model. These cars will be used for on-road races as there is less chance of damage to the vehicle.
2. Monster Truck: These car bodies are meant to take a lot of bashing and are built to be sturdy vehicles. The owners subject the vehicles to various maneuvers like leaping off ramps and participating in off-road or hurdle races. Most often, the vehicles survive the difficult terrain because they are built to be durable and sturdy. These are meant to be fun vehicles, giving their owner the thrill of actual rally car races.
3. Racing Buggy: These RC cars are made for the races. The vehicles are built for speed and can take on any terrain. It is aerodynamically designed in the typical triangular shape to be used in any kind of racing conditions, to emerge the winner.

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