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Putting your new puppy in a dog cage is kind

Putting a young dog in a dog cage at night rather than settling him or her down in a dog bed might seem cruel but in fact it’s the kindest thing you can do for your new pet. Experts agree that this kind of tough love not only does young dogs good, but can actually save their lives.

Young puppies, like many young animals are naturally very inquisitive.  As any owner well tell you, they’re forever trying to explore every part of the house and putting their nose and paws into things that they shouldn’t. Even when papers get chewed up, ornaments destroyed or food that was meant for humans for lunch or dinner gets eaten, no one can be cross with an adorable new puppy for long. After all, it’s part of their charm and no one would want to change that.

The problem comes about at night when they are largely unguarded. Suddenly they can find themselves with the opportunity to chew through electric cables, to pull heavy objects down on themselves or to eat something that is poisonous. However, safe you make your home while you have a new puppy, danger can lurk anywhere and a traditional dog bed is not right for them yet.

So, a dog cage is essential for young puppies who are not completely house trained and who do not yet know what they can and can’t do and what will hurt them.  It can be very difficult for those who have little experience of dogs to have to put their beloved new pet in a cage and then perhaps hear the animal wining and complaining but you must remember – it’s for their own good and it will not last normally for more than a week or so. A dog cage can still be made to be comfortable as well with a thick rug and food and water included.  Before long your dog will be well trained and will be ready for a dog bed.

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