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Puppy Training Tips – How To Help Your Puppy Overcome Boredom?

Being a dog owner myself, I strongly believe that one of the most important puppy training tips I should offer you is how to help your puppy overcome boredom. While I understand that it is not possible for all dog owners to be with their puppies or dogs the whole day due to your own work commitment, it is still important to ensure that your pet is kept occupied. Young puppies are like little children, they cannot be left alone doing nothing all day because bored puppies will grow up to be very unhappy animals.

So how can you help your puppy to overcome boredom? Below are 3 tips which you can use for your pet.

1. Prepare a comfortable puppy bed or crate
Although some dog owners think that keeping their puppy in a crate is a cruel thing to do, they cannot be further from the truth. I will not include using crates as one of my puppy training tips for you if crates are harmful to your puppy! The reason why crates have been unfairly portrayed as a vicious item is because those irresponsible owners have kept their puppies in the crates for very long hours each day, sometimes not even letting their puppies out! If used in the correct way, crates are actually very safe and cozy ‘beds’ for the puppies.

If you do not want to use a crate, you can buy a puppy bed for it. Line the puppy or crate with soft cushions so that your puppy will be comfortable sleeping in it. If you are using a crate and you need to keep your puppy in it for long hours, leave the crate door open. Once your puppy has a cozy place to itself, it will not misbehave by scratching your furniture while trying to find a place to sleep.

2. Provide toys for your puppy
In addition to making your puppy’s bed comfortable, you should also provide a few toys for your puppy. You can just leave the toys at the back of the crate or at the side of the bed where your puppy can easily reach for it when it wakes up. It is also useful for keeping your puppy occupied so that it will not feel bored. Remember, when a puppy is bored, it will end up being mischievous as it tries to find things to do to keep itself busy. That is when you find your shoes and socks being bitten or furniture being scratched! Prevent that from happening from the start by providing toys for your puppy.

3. Take your puppy for a walk
Your puppy will be very much happier if you make it a habit to take it for a walk when you return home at the end of the day. You can go for a walk along the beach if you are staying near the beach or a run in the nearby park. Even a walk along the streets downstairs will also benefit your puppy as it has something to look forward to at the end of a long lonely day. It can actually help your puppy to keep a healthy and happy personality. Puppies are like any humans, when we have something to look forward to at the end of a day or even week, it will make feel happier and so will your puppy!

What is important to note is that once you build up a healthy and strong bond with your puppy, you will have a happy puppy which is less likely to misbehave out of boredom. This is because puppies are like little kids, they will want to please you instead of infuriate you. Apply the above puppy training tips that I have given you and you are more likely to have a healthier puppy that will live longer and thus allow you to enjoy many more years of fun-filled days with it. 

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