Puppy Training Help

Puppy training help for when you bring your new puppy into your house. This is a very exciting time and your cute little puppy will immediately command your full attention. They are totally dependent on you to help him / her to fit into your domesticated life. Your guidance and leadership will determine what path their life takes and what type of dog they become. With the right training you will have a better behaving and healthy dog. We have all seen it, the puppy that never strains from it's owner, the dog that remains calm in a crowd. We all can have a dog like this with a little work.

One of the things that you need to purchase is a dog crate. Crates are an essential training tool for house training and a control for destructive behavior. More importantly, crates actually help calm your puppy by giving them a quiet, private place of their own.

You need to exercise your puppy daily to keep them active and alert. Exercise is critical to your dogs physical health. In addition, the sights and sounds of the outdoors start your puppies mind. Best of all, exercise also helps release energy and may make the difference between a mellow or hyperactive dog. Walks through the neighborhood or a trip to the park are also a great way to work on obedience commands and help socialize your puppy while people, other dogs, and other distractions are present.

You will need to socialize your them as often as you can. Unfamiliar situations can excite even the best behaved dog. Different sights, sounds, places, or activities will officiously get their curiosity and open the door for unwanted behavior. Therefore, it is important to gradually, yet safely, expose your dog to as many different people, situations, and events as possible.

Now that you have some puppy training help, it's time to start obedience training. At the end of the article you will find a link to a web sit for a obedience course like know other. This course will help you train your puppy to respond to both verbal and visual commands no matter the situation.

This puppy training help was just a few tips to help you start your puppy on the right training. The training habits that you have taught your puppy will carry through his or her life, this is in your hands.

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