Puppy Training & Dog Training

Puppies and dogs are reliable, usually sensible and sometimes funny. You can never stay angry at them for long and the eyes, when they stare at you, seem to be pleading, asking, begging for something more, but you got to love them. They bring happiness and make their owners smile, with their goofy walking and puppy eyes.

Puppies are innocent and forgiving; they see everything as a fun game where everyone should be playing. Loving your puppy will help them love you; they will become part of your family. Puppies seem to be a fountain of understanding; they know when you feel down and try to comfort you with a nice warm kiss and a little cuddle.

Yet innocence can be deceiving, without puppy training, discipline can be tough and they can become a hell hole. Chunks start disappearing from the couch and your favorite shoes start looking like something mauled by a wild bear. Stinky, warm patches appear in the most unbelievably places and the plants are not where you last left them.

Puppy training is the second thing you look for after you realize that you new furry best friend has just relief themselves all over the kitchen floor; the first being the paper towers that you can never sees to find. Puppy potty training can help fix this problem as can puppy training and behavior training help you enjoy more your new friend. There are many training hints and tips out there even for those dogs older dogs looking for that odd bit of obedience training.

So it's in your and your furniture's best interest to train your puppy.

A well train puppy will grow up into a happy, healthy dog, who will love you as long as you look after them properly and you and your dog will be happy.

Source by Ronald Fritz

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