Weight Loss Mask Feet 10Pcs set

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Product Description

10Pcs/Set Chinese Traditional Medicine Weight Loss Relieve Fatigue Remove Toxin Foot Skin Smooth Feet Mask Health Foot Care

Foot Mask Instructions

Step1 : Remove the Bottom Of The Tape Paper

Step2:Put the Foot Mask On the Middle Of The Tape,With The Words Side Centered.Then Remove The Type Paper Again

Step3:Tie The Foot Mask On the Clean Position Accordingly,Use the Foot

Skin Smooth Mask Equably.

Step4:Next Day ,Pls Remove The Tape Papper Lightly, You Will Find The Foot Mask Inside Become Yellow Sticky, Then Just Clean it By Water, You Will Feel Very Comfortable Of Your Feet!

Product Introduction:

1. Foot Patch (original poly plant hormone foot detoxification beauty stick) through foot points, the body of the ester, moisture, toxins from the first step Pei out, you can relieve tension, improve the fatigue phenomenon, improve sleep, skin quality, improving subhealth discomfort incredible magical effects visible also felt, in South Korea and Japan have become the detoxification enduring beauty products, and quickly swept Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and European countries.

2, the main ingredient is the bamboo vinegar foot patch —- extract the essence from the natural mountain bamboo (Moso) of. Of bamboo product can effectively remove the body of toxins and moisture for a long time, the net body skin, improve the sub discomfort. Bamboo Health has superior penetration, detoxification function, sustained efficacy up to eight hours long, stuck in a rapidly Pei endocrine, intestinal and circulatory system of toxins and waste oil, eliminate stains, eliminate constipation, improve the fatigue phenomenon, improve sleep quality, reduce neck, shoulder, waist, back and limbs, pressure and stiff, glossy reproduce healthy skin condition.

3, users simply paste in the bottom of the foot detox foot affixed to the front of sleep, acupuncture meridians intensive foot in the adsorption of bamboo essence, the toxins and waste just like the mighty Yellow River gap, a large number of flow , the effect of magic , Pei out toxins shocking.

4. In addition to the toxin was Pai, warming your body temperature, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage good, soft, natural muscle recovery, skin appeared pleasing luster and charm, make you energetic, radiant.

5, foot patch at sleep time, the effect is good, since the average sleep on the body at the same level, the effect of greatly increasing circulation, foot patch for promoting sleep has fantastic features.

6, foot detox natural paste disinfection, promote metabolism, beautify the skin, fatigue, safe and effective, it can not fail to try, the effectiveness of personal experience! Although it is a medicine bag patch shape, but deep acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine , plaster, cupping effect.

Effect Principle:

1, through the action of the plantar foot detoxification paste and related reflex zones on the meridian, of bamboo extract and other ingredients penetrate and participate in the circulatory system of toxins in the body of the cell cycle between adsorption stranded out in the foot and related meridian points reflection area (or other joints) to the body of waste, waste water and from the point of interception by ester, and troubleshooting of bamboo bag, effective removal of body toxins and moisture Hisatsumi, magical, stable and lasting results look see also felt too.

2, a short time can eliminate skin pigmentation, acne, improve constipation, eliminate bad breath, smelly feet, lower blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, improve skin gloss, improve sleep and aging. Stickers may play a role in the elimination of pain and fatigue in the joints, arthritis, cervical go far have very good results.

3, foot patch human body’s moisture, toxins, from the ester from a foot Pai, visual effects visible, foot out of brown liquid shocking.

4 foot stick out from the body of unnecessary water pumping, lymph, after oil becomes turbid liquid, when you feel tired or have pain, uncomfortable place, the use of the Citie, patch pockets turns brown or dark brown, waste oil, waste all been sucked out.

5, the elderly, the common cold rheumatism pain, swelling, heavy legs, stiff legs, sprains, etc., all have very good results after a paste, through detoxification, the pain will ease, swelling will disappear, for shoulder pain, backache, joint pain, etc. significantly reduced the symptoms.

Feet mask efficacy:

1. Wowen; 2, accumulated toxins from the body, radiation! 3, specific parts of the body to ease pain; 4, to help reduce the burden of the lymphatic system; 5, the purification of the lymphatic system; 6, accelerate blood circulation; 7, the excess moisture from the body; 8, help expel excessive accumulation of heavy metals; 9, improve sleep quality; 10, autonomic regulation. Main Ingredient:

Bamboo Vinegar,Wood Vinegar,Tourmaline,Eucalyptus,Agaricus Mushroom,Chitosan,Cornstarch

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