Motorcycle Super HID BI-XENON Projector LENS KIT


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Product Description


The Sixth-Generation projector lens for motorcycle
Low beam mode:will appear a surpassing “guiding-beam” between 1-25 meters on the ground, and the whole lighting area is shape and even, And the illumination angles is over 160 degrees, especially designed for safe passage

High beam mode:a second strong focus appears at 25 meters away,which road-check brightness is for 32000-40000 candela.This is one of our patented technology, we call it for bifocal lighting and bifocal focus,We strongly recommend matching with 6000K bulb,to maintain a higher light penetration.

The color combination of Angel and Devil eyes
If you like which color combination, you can tell that Top1 Top2…,
Or you customize a combination
TOP.1 for Blue angel with Red devil
TOP.2 for White angel with Red devil
TOP.3 for White angel with Green devil
TOP.4 for Green angel with Blue devil
TOP.5 for Purple angel with Red devil

The size
The following is a detailed product dimensions, please refer to your vehicle when purchasing products.

Angel and Devil eyes
1) The CCFL life more than 30000hours.
2) Classic angel eyes with 2.5mm CCFL,
Angel eyes classic design meets requirements of the public,
3) Enhanced devil effect using 2.5 CCFL,
Optional for BLUE,GREEN,RED,
4) Flow line style,the appearance of patent protection.
Front cover with the main use of compressed aluminum.
Super glossy texture, never fade color.

The main structure
1) Use of patented easy-job hande of the lamp technologies,
Suitable for 99% of the vehicle can be directly mounted,
99% to eliminate destructive digging lamp bowls installation;
2) For H1,H6,H4,H7,H9005,H9006 installation,
Avaiable in large,medum and small rubber gasket installation,
Easy to install the lock nut design;
3) Classic angel eyes,meet the public demand,
classic angel eyes. timeless.

Long-term Distance light assembly; professional lighting design, light type well, concentrating clear,Not dazzling, far wider farther illumination, lighting utilization increased 56%, to ensure that your trip Vehicle to achieve a higher level of
security. Especially variable optical components, using a unique baffle
Switching device, the swing angle than ordinary light is more sensitive,
because variable light bulb does not move,Thereby providing the whole
lamp life 80%.

Bifocal Lens xenon lamp, using a unique dual-focus technology and quick lamp cup light handle design with convex imaging theory, paving the lighting effect has been particularly Optimized. Not truly dazzling beam, low beam wider,More in line with the local traffic regulations

Security Reliability is fully reflected, get the standard lens angel eye modification Let your headlight more penetration, the irradiation effect cool! Even in the rainy fog and other inclement weather,Equipped with angel eyes can play a unique role in warning. Far from clear who makes the journey See the light angel ring, an ordinary H6 lamp unbeatable advantage.

Xenon Lamp

1) Line with internationally accepted safety standards xenon bulb, is a better match local regulations.
2) Configuration of high-quality bulbs, have passed strict quality management
3) Optional for 4300K,6000K,8000K,10000K.
4) More than 3000 hours using life.

The Socket
1) All use the standard socket, simple and quick to connect car;
2) 99% of the models do not need to change the original car electric circuit;
3) Universal socket parts easier to find in local stores(For example Ballasts);
4) When needed, more likely to return to pre-installation state

Please note:
1) The default package content include
> 1 for BLUE angel eyes and RED devil eyes,
> 1 for 6000K HID bulb( Has been installed),
> 1 for projector lens,
> 1 for controller wire,
> 1 for device of the CCFL.
Please tell us that collocation if you need other config while order the goods.
2) There are no ballasts within the conversion kit, if you need ballast please order below link or buy from other stores.
3) We are a professional motorcycle lens manufacturers, in order to ensure safe and smooth delivery of products to you, we suggest you choose EMS express delivery. Below is our shop address,there are more products for you to choose.
4) All of our products shipped direct from the factory, quality assurance and welcome to wholesale.

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CCFL drive,Controller wire,Package,Carton size and actual effect.

Steps of Installation:
1)First to make sure there is enough space for you to install the Bi-Xenon projector you purchased on your motorcycle,
2)Taking original bulbs off and then to remove the headlights by opening light fixture.
3)Open front transparent lens cover,and mind that you don’t damage it when opening.
4)Install the bifocal lens in the reflection cup, fix the H4 gasket and screws;
5)To connect the HID controller wire with the following diagram.
6)To install the headlight and motorcycle baffles,
7)Adjust the projectors by starting motorcycle until you are satisfied.


Additional Information





Car Model


Color Temperature


Color for Evil eye


Color for Angel eye


Bulb Type


Xenon Light Type

Bi-Xenon Light





Item Diameter

2.5 inch

Item Weight

0.9 kg

Item Type


Model Name


Material Type

Aircraft Aluminum

External Testing Certification


Light Source


For Vehicle Brands/Model


Brand Name


Special Features

bi xenon

Car Maker



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