2017 Limited 12l Electric Shower Immersion Heater Lpg Propane Gas Hot Water Heater Tankless Instant Boiler Stainless Lcd Ce


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  • Tankless Gas Water Heater
  • Instant endless hot water
  • Stainless Steel Panel, LCD screen, LPG
  • ISO approved and CE certificated
  • No Electricity supply needed
  • READY TO INSTALL – fittings included + bonus shower head

Safety Tips

1. Must be installed by gasman.

2. Must be used under the condition of ventilation,ensuring the normal condition of the flue kit.

3. Please use and maintain the heater according to the manual.

4. Please check the gas connection regularly to ensure there is no leaking risks.


Please note: Although they are easy to be installed ,I do recommend a Qualified Plumber if you have any doubts.

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the installation of this heater or any damage incurred from its installation or use.

Water heater must be installed in ventilated place, or install metal flue to exhaust smoke out.

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Additional Information



Time to market


Voltage (V)




Storage / Tankless

Instant / Tankless

Energy Efficiency Grade

Grade Two



Power (W)


Control Mode

Intelligent Control


Wall Mounted

Housing Material

Stainless Steel


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