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Probiotics For BV

Just as there is antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis (BV), there are probiotics for BV. And they work just as stated, pro equals good and anti equal bad or death of bacteria. Another name for probiotics is the “living medicine.” The benefit of probiotics are that they can be taken just like vitamins, daily. This ensures you have great vaginal flora health, and can help prevent BV (basically in a nutshell vagina flora is your vagina’s “environment”). But if you already have bacterial vaginosis, then using probiotics will have the same effect. They can and will help eliminate your BV by treating it from the inside out.

The science behind probiotics for BV is re-introducing greatly need good bacteria and organisms into your vagina. These bacteria, the main one being lactobacilli, release hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the vagina naturally. They also fight off infections, and when their count is down, bad bacteria moves in and takes over. They produce the embarrassing and very uncomfortable symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. So how about a few names of these probiotics for BV:

-Fem-dophilus – This product is in pill form and contains “Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1” and “Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14.” These are the key ingredients to strengthen your lactobacilli numbers and eliminate your BV.

-Pearls XB – This product is basically the same form as the above mentioned probiotic, but it is found in most local drug-stores. Both of these can be taken daily to help prevent BV, or help eliminate it.

You can also find probiotics in ovule insert form. These come with an applicator tube and a small insert, and the live culture capsule is inserting directly into your vagina. Most women would rather take a pill, but they both have the same rate of efficiency.

Couple probiotics for BV with a few natural home remedies, and you should be able to clear your bacterial vaginosis up within a week. If you plan on using probiotics, try not to use any prescription medicines for BV, because they either stop the growth of bacteria or kill it. Doctors use antibiotics to treat BV, and if you try to use probiotics with antibiotics, you’ll end up basically canceling out the effectiveness of both. Your giving the bacteria back to your body, but then you are killing it with the antibiotics.

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