Pool Filters

Each and every pool that anyone has ever owned has had a filter that is used to eliminate any debris that is in your pool. It helps to keep debris out to keep your pool looking fresh and sparkly. You may be looking for a filter for your pool, and the first thing you have to decide is what type you want to have for your pool.


There are three basic types of pool filters. They include sand, a DE, and a cartridge. The sand uses sand to comb the water. DE uses diatomaceous earth to sanatize water. The cartridge filter actually uses paper to comb the water. The filtration efficiency of the sand is very good. The efficiency of filtration for the DE is roughly 40 microns. The cartridge filter has the filtration efficiency of five microns, which is actually the best that you could have.

The cleaning method of the sand filter is an internal backwash. The cleaning method for the DE is also an internal backwash. The cleaning method for the cartridge is a little more difficult. It uses a disassemble aspect where you then can clean with the hose. A line for the sand one is required for the backwash. The cartridge and the DE both have backwash.

With the sand filter, you have to clean it at least every four to eight weeks. The DE filter requires you to clean it depending on your unit. Each unit varies a lot. The cartridge actually states that you should clean it as you apply it.


Cleaning a filter isn’t the easiest maintenance task. When you decide to choose one for your home pool, you need to look at how your pool is used. Any types will work, but a sand filter is not able to eliminate the fine debris that the others can. Occasionally, your water may look dirty should you choose sand. The DE and Cartridge should not be used if you have a semi-public pool. That means if you have more than ten people swimming per day, you probably do not want to have a DE or Cartridge. While manufacturers DE and cartridge pool filters have suggested they can be used in public pool environments, they tend to need a higher level of cleaning, and they require frequent replacement. They do have a very good filtration system that picks up very fine debris, but that means they fill with dirt quickly. Dirt filled ones tend to experience more mechanical problems than clean ones do. If you have a public or semi-public pool and want to buy a DE or Cartridge one, you will be spending money on a new one quite often. Sand is very good for public or semi-public pools where the DE and Cartridge are good for the private pools.

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