Pomeranians As Pets

Pomeranians belong to the spitz family and are considered part of "toy" breeds because of their tiny size. So much so that they can weight anything from 1.5 to 3. kg.

The fact that they look so fluffy and eye-catching is due to their having to coats rather than one: a thick undercoat and a long and glossy coat on top. Their little heads are angular and fox-looking with small but pointed ears.

Regarding personality and temper, Pomeranians are supposedly to be naturally curious and inquisitive, almost cat-like, as well as bubbly and full of beans.

They also tend to be quite cautious when meeting strangers although they can be extremely demonstrative and affectionate with their masters.

If you are looking for a quiet pet, then you should try and have your Pomeranian trained from an early age as they can become quite vocal. They are also reputedly strong-tempered and even a bit whimsical-they enjoy "being the boss" or believing they are so that they are especially inappropriate for very young children such as toddlers. As previously mentioned, Pomeranians can be quick-tempered and will certainly not put up with most young children's antics and mischief and will certainly not enjoy having their tail dropped and so on.

Having said this, Pomeranians are far from antisocial, they are actually very loyal and loving little dogs that actually enjoy being part of a family and will do their best to please you.

On the other hand, they are intelligent dogs that can be easily trained and their tiny size makes them particularly suitable for flat donors as they require little room to play and exercise and they are also easy to carry about.

When it comes to food, Pomeranians will obviously prefer homemade food such as fresh meat, so do not hesitate to feed them "real food" rather than balanced dog food. They will certainly appreciate the gesture and the benefits of this natural diet will become apparent in their looks and health!

Source by Scott T Swan

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