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Pink and Peace in the Baby Buddha Peace

Om vishwam shantimastu.

Now that is a peace mantra. And it means Om Peace unto World. And if you do believe in this one, then you could certainly achieve inner peace – something that most people do not have. However, this can be a something really serious for most people. But there is a way to be reminded to find your inner peace while still being hip, trendy, and totally pink.

Head over to Gadget Epoint and meet the baby Buddha peace. The baby Buddha peace is a pink gadget and it surely is going to rock your world. It is very hip and is very trendy. Just one look at it and you would certainly be smiling. See, it is made to look like Buddha but it comes in hot pink. The baby Buddha peace is also not posed in the traditional Buddha squat. Instead, it is posed as if it was sitting on the grass and is just relaxing. His left hand is also raised up and his fingers form the peace sign.

The pink baby Buddha peace is not just about reminding you of how to find your inner peace. This pink gadget is also designed to be a money box. Yes, you can put in some of your daily budget in here so you can save some money which you can use on a rainy day (or maybe use that money to get you some nifty pink gadgets).

Made of poly resin, a material that is very durable, you sure can keep your coins and your bills in here without having to worry if the really cute pink baby Buddha peace is going to break. This surely is one of those pink gadgets that every girl would like to have. It is peace, hip, trendy, and wealth rolled in one.

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