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Pets for Small Spaces

Living in an apartment, a condominium, a dorm room, or even a small house shouldn’t prevent you from keeping a pet that could be a loving companion. Many Philippine homes have limited space which is not suitable for keeping a typical pet like a dog or a cat. However, there are many pets that don’t require a lot of room or a lot of exercise and they would be suitable for many homes in Philippines. However, according to an expert on Philippine real estate, make sure that your pets are legal where you live and that they’re permitted by any rental or tenant agreements you’ve made. Below are some of the pets that can be good for small spaces.

  • Fish. These are good pets for small spaces. However, you need to learn all about the type of fish you want to care for and how to properly care for them. If your space is not that small, you might want to put a medium-sized aquarium that would let you maintain several types of fish. Aside from having fish as pets, your aquarium also serves as a good décor in the room you’ll put it in.
  • Mice. If you don’t want to handle any pet but you want something cute and furry then mice might be good for you. They are fun to watch but they are social animals so make sure you keep a pair or a group of them.
  • Hamsters. These are pets that you can take out of the cage and handled. Also, they don’t need a huge cage and they are pets that can be tamed.
  • Frogs. These are not very popular as pets but a few of them are suitable for small spaces. Some frogs are completely aquatic while some would do in a terrestrial type tank. Before getting a frog for a pet, research on the different types and their needs so you can better assess the type of frog that would suit you.
  • Birds. These animals are intelligent animals and easy to care for. Those that can be taught to talk are especially popular. Also, they live extraordinarily long lives so you are sure that you can love and enjoy your pet for a long time.Visit the website

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