Pets and Environment

Do you have pets in your home? Do you have children in your home? Did you ever watch your pets interact with the family. Did you ever notice your children acting the same way under the same circumstances? Keep Reading.

What is so amazing about studying your pets is the fact that children and even adults act the same way under certain circumstances. When you take your pet; for instance, your dog, out of your family home and put it into a virtual strange home, even though your dog is a little familiar with the home owners, many different types of scenarios can happen.

When a dog that is loved by its owner is taken outside its circle of security it can become confused, wrinkened, and want to run for a small safe place to hide. Even getting your dog to eat or go for those necessary walks can be a real hassle.

Now think of taking your child, who is love and secure in their home, bedroom and with you their parent. You want to give this child a special treat to go stay with their aunt, cousin, grandparents but the child is not that familiar with these people. Also, these people have never invited your child to stay in their home for a day or longer. The child can become frightened, confused, and want to crawl into a safe spot away from everyone.

Getting the child to come out of its shell and interact like a normal child can take days weeks and even months. The reason is this. They are out of their comfort zone. They are out of their safety zone. Away from their parents and home. This is where they fill safe, loved and content to live their everyday life. There life is not interrupted.

Now you wonder why when you decided to take a trip and took your dog or child with you they acted so strange. When you finally returned home they were so happy to be in their home and room that they became the loving pet and child you remember.

If you really want to study the behavior of your children and why they act and feel so different about some things you can not understand why this is, study your pets.

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