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Pets – A Few Reasons Why You Should Get A Pet

Pets are truly one of the most wonderful friends you will ever ask. They can instantly light up a room and make a dull day interesting. I’ve scarcely found anyone with a pet to be in a foul mood for long; the very presence of a pet cheers them up. 
Pets have been shown to have several health benefits, from reducing stress to decreasing heart disease risk. Thus, besides the companinonship, animals can have other benefits too.
Did you know that having a furry pet such as a dog or a cat can help reduce allergy in kids? While conventional wisdom says that dogs or cats can actually cause allergies, recent medical studies have indicated that pets can actually help in building resistance to allergens. Therefore, a dog may help your kids to become resistant to allergies in the future. Isn’t that one great reason to rush to the nearby pet shop and get a cute little puppy?
If you have elderly people at home, you may want to get a dog or a cat. Studies have shown that in the elderly, having a pet around can lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s. Most elderly people also suffer from loneliness, and having a pet around can give them company. 
In today’s increasingly isolated world where few people have close family ties or a large group of readily available friends, a pet can be the best companion one can ask for. They help in creating a positive environment and relieve stress. After a hard day’s work, a few moments with a pet can ease a lot of tension. Biologically, it has been shown that playing with a pet dog or cat can help in increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body – two chemicals that have a calming and pleasure inducing properties. Studies have shown that people with pets are routinely less depressed than others.
Besides the health benefits, easily the best reason to get a pet is to give yourself a few moments of joy everyday. A dog’s wagging tail and friendly nature, or a cat’s soft purring can make even the worst day bearable, and the best days even better. No amount of health or economic benefits can offset the plain simple joy a pet can bring you. 
If you are really interested in getting a pet, instead of heading to the local pet shop, why not go to an adoption center and pick up an abandoned and homeless puppy or kitten? This way, you will ensure that at least one animal has a good home to live in, instead of a life inside a cage.

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