Pet Stain Removal Off Carpets – Organic Pet Stain Removal Tips and Advice

Did your cat mistake your carpet for the litter box again? Other pet stains? Worried about that carpet smell? WAIT! Before you call a professional carpet cleaning service, take a look at some of these expert carpet cleaning and pet stain removal tips on how to remove carpet stains your pets made. All recommendations here also apply to area rug cleaning. Having a door-mat or small area rug in front of your entrance helps prevent a lot of potential pet and dirt stains. If left unattended, these stains can grow into a harmful mold smell. When there is a significant amount of soil, using a good suction vacuum with a good air filtration (one that removes 99% of airborne particles) and spinning brushes is going to help get that dirt and any other detritus out from the bottom of the carpet .

Removing cat urine stains
If it is a cat urine that is causing the stain, do not use ammonia! Cat urine has ammonia in it, it will only cause the cat to return to the same place and do it again. Dab the area lightly with a paper towel. Do not blot it with anything. Once it is dry, mix a 1/2 a cup of white wine vinegar and 1/2 a cup of warm water, pour the solution on the carpet stain, and then sprinkle on baking soda, to quell the odor (of the pet smell and the vinegar). Wait, and repeat if necessary. The area should take several hours to dry.

Removing dog urine stains
We all know how it goes, the bigger the animal, the bigger the mess, and the task of pet stain removal is more challenging. When it is a dog urine smell or stain, and it is strong, you can try using a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, salt or baking soda with warm water and / or dish soap. You can also use this mixture on cat stains and any other sever pet stains. Remember, always give your pets lots of love, but too much of it, and they might get over-excited and pee on your carpet!

Benefits of using a professional carpet cleaning service
In order to keep the same color tone all over the carpet you may want to have a professional carpet cleaning service attend to the job. The advantages include savings in time and money (keeping your carpet), by wisely applying the most appropriate treatment for the stained area and the entire carpet, maintaining its original uniform looks, using the most advanced methods, processes, solutions and tools.

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