Pet Pampering Business is Booming

It’s no secret that Americans love their pets. In fact, we spend

billions of dollars every year on feeding, grooming, and vet

visits, as well as toys and other pampering supplies. Chances

are your town even has some kind of gourmet retail outlet for dog

and cat treats.

It’s a fact that the pet industry is booming and shows no signs

of slowing down. In fact, it has actually become stylish for

people to pamper their pets with playthings, carriers, treats,

and more. As you walk down the street or watch celebrities on

TV, you’ll see more and more people who love to adorn their

beloved dogs or cats with shiny accessories or outlandish


Not everyone wants to carry their dog in their purse the way

Paris Hilton has been doing, but more and more of us are

discovering that our pets need plenty of love and attention, just

like kids and adults require.

If you’re not ready to spoil your pet with lavish gifts and

gourmet treats just yet, start small. For example, when

traveling with your cat, buy something better than your typical

carrier. When shopping for pet transportation, look at the

products carefully, and ask yourself if you would be comfortable

riding in that for so many hours. If the answer is no, your cat

probably won’t be that comfy either.

When taking Fido for a walk, think about that collar and leash.

Don’t you think it would hurt to wear that tight collar,

especially with the tension of a leash? Instead, why not invest

just a little bit more in a harness-style restraint that allows

even distribution of that pressure. And if you really love your

dog, buy one that sparkles or shows a bit of personality.

As any pet lover knows, dogs, cats, and other animals all have a

distinct personality, just as we do. We all want our cars,

homes, clothing, and accessories to display a bit about who we

are and what we like, and our pets deserve the same.

Source by Sharon Glorsky

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