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Personal Performance For Security Managers

The Security Risk Managers Personal Performance in the Workplace.

‘Coping with varying work conditions, work contexts or contingencies, and how your performance is maintained at an appropriate level’

The methods that I and other colleagues of mine use in the workplace to measure our personal performance, are by finishing tasks and jobs set by the client or my direct company on time and with very good to excellent results.

Then the task completion and feedback from the client or my direct employer on what we have accomplished, lets me know how my performance is going, and what areas I may need improvement on and any other identified issues that may be raised.

In conjunction with this (tasks / jobs etc), I use time-lines that have been agreed on and set by the client/employer or myself as a guide to when I need to complete what may be needed.

By using time lines / good time management effectively we can always stay on track, always know and meet deadlines, and also gauge when we may need help in a certain area, or know that I may need to ask for time extensions to any given task or project.

We also have regular meetings with our relevant client staff on any given task, issue or job that my be at hand. This is so we can measure where we are at in terms of the task, time-lines, and goals that may have been set as key indicators. This is so we can determine exactly how the given task is travelling, and what may need to be done in any given area to bring the project up to speed.

During these meetings, we may also measure these items by using charts such as a ‘Statistical Chart’ or a bar graph. These charts can show us in more detail where we are at any given moment.

As a team leader and supervisor by doing this, it then helps you to determine how your personal performance is going.

The first example of varying work conditions, work contexts or contingencies that have the potential to affect your personal performance would be:

Varying work conditions.

Varying work conditions and work contexts can be an ever present work issue, that always need to be prepared for and you need to remain flexible for, so that you can adapt when these do happen.

One varying work condition and work context that I sometimes experience, is when I am working on a project – say for example the replacement of internal security systems on a client site, and whilst planning in a security risk management sense the project budgets may change, contractor issues arise – (change of contract companies or other outside problems that may affect their ability to keep to the original work and works planning schedule)

Due to issues such as these, I may need to change all of the security risk management plans quickly, so as to keep with in our project time-frames. This also enables the consistency of our Security/Risk Management service so it is not then that we the identified as holding any work up, and thus costing the client/employer time and money.

To do this and succeed we then need to ensure that our personal performance goes beyond, have excellent communication methods, and this means that you may at times work late and work quite hard to reach this desired outcome.

Make planning and being decisive a habit, and you are there.

Source by David WB Turner

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