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Nitrorcx – Gas RC, Drift Cars and More!

They say that everybody requires a hobby, and since the world has turned into a stressed environment, it appears that everybody will need a past-time. Hobbies are wonderful distractions which let us to focus on other things other than the ones that actually bother us. It can give our brains a break from worrying and working. It gives us the time to relax out and just hang out and enjoy something that gives pleasure instead of headaches.

Ever since movies like “Gone in 60 Seconds” and “Fast and the Furious” came out, autos and racing became more preferred. However, since not all of us can enjoy a drag race out in the streets continually, we may just have to content ourselves with tiny models of drift automobiles, racing autos, dune carts and such like. Luckily there are corporations and web sites like NitroRCX who can deal with folks who like to race and play with radio controlled cars.

NitroRCX Racing Products take pride in offering the smallest price for quality products in the RC Industry. They’ve been involved in the R/C industry for over ten years now, beginning in the garage and moved into direct sales online in 2005. Originally, NitroRCX was simply an importer of past-time graded toys by preferred demand. Since that time, they have taken their expertise and experience, and implemented it into their own line of R/C autos called Exceed RC. These autos have gained worldwide popularity from beginners and beginner and NitroRCX has become a starting point for folk to get into this hobby. And with their full line of quality part support, people all around the planet have been experiencing the edge that NitroRCX products have to give.

The company and their website offers many sorts of R/C cars ( including high graded models from Cen Racing) such as 1/8th scale monster wagons, 1/8th scale buggies, 1/10th scale stadium vans, carts, WRC rally cars, sedans, and race orientated touring autos. All of their costs are extremely competitive and clients are sure to get their cash’s worth.

When using their website, browsers and clients will find useful info starting from troubleshooting nitro autos, to set up tips from factory racers. They also have help to help their customers in finding replacement parts for their automobiles. The internet site features a dedicated section for replacements along with spare part part numbers and also hop up parts.

Shopping for parts and RC’s on NitroRCX is easy. Their site is user friendly and terribly straightforward to use. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to RC’s and information coming from them is always helpful and convincing.

Aside from guaranteeing the smallest price, they also stand by the quality of their products. Hobbyists young and old alike are guaranteed to enjoy their RC experience as NitroRCX has RC’s available for newbies and hard core enthusiasts alike.

On a personal note, I’ve always been a drift fan. Drift is not so favored outside Japan but it has found its way in other countries and since I can’t afford a drift car, finding scale models which actually look like the real thing at NitroRCX has been a very surprising experience. Exact drifting as a hobby is dear as such, but being able to experience the feeling of driving a drift car, albeit a scale model with a radio control, is a very good feeling indeed. And since RC’s are definitely more affordable than the particular car itself, this is one beginner hobbyist looking to go hardcore!

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