Nitro RC Monster Truck Buying Guide

Nitro RC Monster Trucks are fast becoming the hobby of choice for people of all ages that love the fun of breaking in a truck, the thrill of the race, and the hours of tinkering and hopping-up to make your truck the baddest basher on the track.

When first venturing in to Nitro RC Monster Trucks, it's best to step back and evaluate what your motivations are for wanting a truck. Are you sure you have the time and money to devote to this new hobby? Are you mechanically inclined? Do you like very fast things? If so, your'e on your way to being hooked to the sound of the engine, the smell of the nitro, and one of the most fun and addicting hobbies out there.

Nitro RC Monster Trucks have become so popular that you can often find racing and "bashing" clubs in your area. Some groups even set up their own tracks and races so you do not have to be bored racing your 40+ mph truck in your backyard. Once you get a nitro rc monster truck, all you're friends will be wanting one too so you can even start up your club.

Choosing a nitro rc monster truck can be tough with all the choices available today. Things to keep in mind include kit vs RTR and power. Kit rc monster trucks come in parts and have to be assembled. This is not that hard and enables you to really get to know your truck. RTR means ready-to-run. These nitro monster trucks come pre-asabled with little left to do but break the engine in and you are ready to race and bash to your heart's content.

The other thing to consider is power. Nitro RC Monster Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find some that make good racers but are not very durable and others that are strong and steel but can not get much over 25 mph. Decide what you are comfortable with but do not shoot too low thinking you will not be able to handle it … you do not want to get your truck out on the field and be wishing you had more speed and power.

Most newcomers to nitro rc monster truck hobbying go with one of the more well-known brands like Traxxas, HPI, Tamiya, or CEN. This is a safe bet. These companies make good products and support them with warranties and extra parts. If you buy from an individual or a small shop, you are not likey to get the same guarantee and you also will not find the after-market hop-ups (enhancers) that are so fun to add-on to your truck.

All in all, nitro rc monster trucks are an enjoyable hobby that will make an addict of almost anyone who loves working on vehicles and has a competitive edge. Visit RC Reviews [] for more information on Nitro RC Monster Trucks and check out Nitro RC Monster Truck Videos [] for videos of the most popular nitro rc monster trucks. Good luck and happy bashing.

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