My Dog's Jumping Up is Driving Me Crazy!

Dogs jumping up on people is one of the biggest complaints pet owners have. Does this sound familiar? You get up in the morning and your dog immediately starting jumping on you trying to give you some wet, slobbery good morning kisses. Every time the two of you reunite after you've been out of the house for even two minutes, your dog jumps on you. It's enough to drive you crazy!

Let's not even get into your dog's jumping on every visitor that comes through your front door, including small children, which is really a problem because they can get knocked down or end up with a traumatic life-long fear of dogs.

My dog ​​always thought people were coming to see her. She would wiggle herself through to a spot in front of me just as I was reaching for the doorknob – and this could not be easy considering she is a 70 pound lab! In coming the guest and up jumps my dog. It got so bad I would shut her into the bathroom if I was expecting guests. I would also make her stay in the backyard if I had nice clothes on because I did not want her ruining them with her big paws.

Well, I finally got some much-needed information and advice about jumping dogs. They learn to jump when they are young. Puppies jump over their litter mates and all over their mom. In fact, licking mom's muzzle is an inherited way of greeting her. I found out that letting her jump on me when she was a cute little thing just reinforced the behavior I would someday regret. And picking her up and letting her lick my "muzzle" was a mistake.

With a few things in my favor, such as persistence, stubbornness, and patience, I was able to break my adult dog of the jumping habit far easier than I thought possible. The main thing is to be the alpha dog; the one in charge, and let the dog know what pleases and disposes you about certain behaviors. Believe me, if I can stop my dog ​​from jumping, so can you.

Source by Lisa Gold

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