Moving an RC Helicopter Collection – A Collector's True Story

Moving from one location to another is stressful to say the least. There are many details to be looked into, that need careful planning. I had received a job offer at Gaithersburg, MD, recently and I decided to take it up. This meant a big move across the country from my current place of residence. When the job at Gaithersburg was finalized, the reality of such a massive move nearly caused me a panic attack. You see, I am a remote control helicopter enthusiast and have a collection of 7549 remote controlled helicopters. The transportation of these helicopters to Gaithersburg appeared to be a daunting task. How was I going to manage it?

I decided to speak to my friends who are also remote control helicopter enthusiasts. None of them lived close to Gaithersburg. However, they were all willing to help me with the shifting of my helicopters. They all helped me to pack the collection of helicopters, a week ahead of the move. It was a painstaking job; after all, 7549 was a huge number of helicopters. It involved wrapping up, checking and rewrapping each helicopter and placing it in a box. We had to ensure that they do not bump against each other and get damaged while transporting them over such a long distance. Since I had to participate in a competition in the coming months, I needed them all to reach safe and intact at Gaithersburg.

My friends were considerate and extremely careful with the packing of the helicopters. I arrived by car at Gaithersburg and my friends were present there, to help me with the unloading of the remote controlled helicopters. It was a matter of great surprise to me as they took the time for me and also spent some money. I will never forget their help and their concern during my move to a new place and a new job. It was at this time that I realized how helpful other remote controlled helicopter enthusiasts are.

I have now settled into my new job and life at Gaithersburg and am enjoying it. Someday, if someone else needs help while moving, and they are apprehensive of transporting their remote control helicopters, I will be right there to help them. Most of the helicopter enthusiasts have a 'pay it forward attitude' and are willing to go out of their way to help other like-minded persons whenever the need arises. I know that they will still be there for me in future, if I need any help. This is an amazing story that I experienced and I recollect it to all other helicopter enthusiasts.

When you purchase a remote control helicopter, you want to share the experience of the flight of the helicopter with someone. It is worthwhile to look out other remote control helicopter enthusiasts in your area so that you can enjoy the experiences together. Teaching someone to master the flight of a remote controlled helicopter, is a fulfilling and satisfying experience. This is not so if you are alone. However, if you prefer the solitude, then it is okay to be in an area where there are no helicopter enthusiasts. But as far as my knowledge goes, such persons who prefer solitude are quite rare in the remote control helicopter enthusiast fraternity. They are usually very outgoing and helpful people I should know!

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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