Many Forms of Dog Beds

In today's society animals are sometimes being treated better than humans are. One of the latest ways people have created to pamper their pets are pet beds. These beds come in many forms many forms and for many animals. The most popular form of pet beds is dog beds. Dog beds are very popular among pet owners. In most cases the people who spend a great deal of money on a bed for their dog are those who could be considered upper class. Other people may possibly make their dog beds.

Dog beds take many forms. Traditionally dogs were given a box with a blanket, if they were allowed to stay inside the house. In most cases the dog was placed outside in the yard in a doghouse, which once again had a blanket. The box and the blanket was the easiest and simplest form that a dog bed could take. As years went on and people became more and more aware of animal rights and what classified as animal abuse, they began treating their pets better and tried to find more comfortable places for their dogs to sleep. People changed boxes and blankets for pillows. People either made or purchased oversized pillows for their dogs to sleep on. At first the pillows were thin and not really fancy. There were made out of whatever materials were available. Today however, people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a large pillow for their dog.

These pillows or dog beds can be purchased at most pet supply stores or in pet stores in general. You may also find some form of dog bed at the vets office. If you live in certain parts of the United States there are people who specialize in making dog beds. These designers of dog beds make them in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made out of variety of materials. For example you could have dog beds that are made out of silk or you could have bed made from a more simple material such as flannel.

You can also find dog beds online at some dog supply stores. Here you will be able to browse through the selection of dog beds that are available. The prices of the dog beds will vary depending on make and size and of course material. There may be an additional cost for shipping and handling when you order your dog beds online.

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