Make Sure That Your House is Puppy Proof

Make sure that you prepare your house before the puppy arrives, and take time doing this. You should keep in mind that your puppy will be able to walk around the house on their own. Even though you put him in a crate, there will be times when they explore the house and yard on their own.

â € ¨The best way to puppy proof your house, is to get down on their level and see the world through their eyes. Get down on all fours, and move through your house. Electrical cables hanging appealingly inside reach of your puppy can be too tempting to disregard. Be sure to put these away, and cover electrical switch outlets that are at the same height. Also check that the doors of your cupboards or have locks, as house cleaning products or some dangerous chemical can be a hazard for your little puppy.

Most puppies have a fetish about shoes, so it is advised that you do not let any shoes lie around in the house. Until the time that your puppy is fully housetrained, you should put away all the curios and breakables so that they can not reach it. Children's toys should also not be left on the ground, as it can cause the puppy to choke. â € ¨â € ¨Garbage bins should be closed at all times as most puppies are infamously fond of delving in garbage bins, even though they have more than enough food to eat. This is not an urge that you are likely to restrain, as it is part the wild instinct that will stay in them.
â € ¨Bathroom doors should also be kept closed at all times, as puppies can cause havoc when left alone in bathrooms. Basements should also be set off limits as it can be the source of potentially harmful things.

Gardens can also be home to exotic plants that should be set off limits to your puppy. Clear with your vet the types of plans that can harm your puppy. If you make use of pest repellents or fertilizers in your garden, wait about 48 hours before you allow your puppy back in the area.

To prevent your puppy from leaving your property, make sure that the fence is secure – especially the area close to the ground. Be aware of the fact that puppies are attracted to most of the same things that a toddler is – you should there before make sure about any other possible dangers that could be hiding in your garden.

Source by John M Williams

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