Major Facts About RC Helicopters

Since a lot of people do not know a lot about RC Helicopters, this article will explain about how these types of aircraft are made, the major components that make up an RC Helicopter as well as the different types of the air-crafts.

How RC Helicopters are constructed

The helicopters are made from different types of materials. Some of the most common include wood, glass, carbon fiber and plastic. These are the most commonly used materials due to the fact that the helicopters are constructed to be accurate in design or else they become imbalanced and difficult to fly. Thus, the above mentioned materials are preferred in the construction of RC Helicopters.

Another fact that hobbyists must know about these helicopters is that they are usually small in size. Although it is true that there are some air-crafts that are large, most of the RC Helicopters are small (this includes the controls). This innovation in their structure makes it possible for the air-planes to fly easily; due to the fact that the various components of the aircraft respond quickly.

The components of the helicopters

The helicopters have components that are divided into two major parts:

• Radio Gear:

Every helicopter has a radio. Some of the air-crafts even have radios that are capable to control collective and rudder functions.

• Controls:

The air-planes have four controls. These are the rudder, pitch, elevator and roll.

Types of RC Helicopters

There are two main types; the Glow fuel and electric helicopters:

Glow fuel

These are also known as nitro powered air-planes. Glow fuel helicopters are typically larger in size compared to electric ones. This is due to the fact that the planes require larger engines for them to fly easily using fuel. And as such, the helicopters in turn also tend to be bigger than electric air-planes.

• Electric

One of the reasons that this type of RC Helicopter was introduced into the aviation hobby was because of noise pollution. Glow fuel air-crafts produce a lot of noise when flown. Thus, in an effort to prevent this, the electric air-plane was constructed.

The electric helicopter produces fewer noise and is charged by batteries. This air-plane is also much lighter than the one that is powered by fuel. However, in terms off size, there are some electric air-crafts that are very large and can be flown outdoors just like those powered by nitro. But although this is the case, many people prefer to fly small electric planes because such helicopters have a capacity to be flown in the air for close to about 13 minutes.

Before joining the RC Helicopter hobby club, make sure that you have access to adequate information about the hobby. This helps you to make informed decisions whenever you face any problems related to flying the air-crafts.

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