Magnets Kits and Sets for Kids

Magnets, how do they work? Children have an odd fascination with magnets. Perhaps it is the idea of an invisible force, something that clearly exists but cannot be seen. Whatever it is, magnetism is usually one of the first scientific principles children will be introduced to and one that will hold their interest quite easily.

A great place to start is My Very First Magnet Kit. This is an affordable kit for younger children to introduce them to the world of magnets. A number of different magnets are included along with an informational booklet explaining the basic science principles behind how they work. This kit is sure to keep younger children entertained while introducing them to experiments and the exciting world of science.

Another great kit is the Electric Motor Generator Kit. This kit teaches about special motors which use magnets to generate an electrical field. The kit allows children to build a working motor generator using magnets. The motor can then be used to actually power a light bulb. It is a great hands-on experience that teaches both the basic principles of magnetism and a little bit about electricity and how it is generated.

The Magnet Levitation set blends a bit of magic in with the science. This kit allows kids to build a magic levitating train using wood blocks and magnets. In the process it teaches about magnetic fields and equilibrium. The construction is fairly involved and kids may need some parental help on this project. Easy to follow instructions are included and this is a great way to demonstrate the principles of magnetism while building a toy that will amaze children.

The Super Giant Horseshoe Magnet is perfect for young children who can’t really build models yet. It is essentially just a giant horseshoe magnet, like the one you probably had as a kid. It comes with some small magnet pieces to play with and pick up. One end of the horseshoe is north polarity, one south. It is a great learning tool for teaching about magnetic fields and kids find it surprisingly entertaining. It is also the perfect shape for small hands and easy for kids to hold.

The Electromagnet Science Set is another great kit that lets kids work with magnets. This one focuses on electromagnets, which use electricity to produce and even stronger electrical field. Using this kit, kids can construct such models as a doorbell, telegraph pole and even a catapult that all function using electromagnets. The instructions are easy to follow and this is one of the most exciting magnet kits.

Magnets are a great place for children to garner an interest in science. They are simple to understand and can be used to perform a variety of functions.

Source by Jacob T Anderson

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