Macrame Bracelet Patterns – Still Trendy After Ages

Macrame is a unique style of fabric weaving with knots, which originates long ago in the 13th century with Arabian weavers. There is quite a history. The process began as a way of making sure that towels, shawls and bed sheets do not unravel however today, there are lots of fabrics derived from macrame. A macrame item is made from various knots represented in square knots. With regards to macrame bracelet models, the easiest one is the rectangular knot and it's quite common. Historians are still unclear of the macrame bracelets origins, however this stuff is still trendy in the east and west, and among men and women of all ages too. There are many Macramé bracelet patterns, catering for many fashions and tastes and which enable people to correspond the patterns with their fashion. This article outlines popular bracelet models and how you can manufacture your own trendy macramé items. To figure out which pattern best fits you feel free to keep reading.

The square knot, also known as the reef knot or put simply, the binding knot, was made up to secure an object through a thread or a rope. This can be easily accomplished, just by using the 'right over left and left over right' way of entangling two routes. It is considered a fairly secure knot that can be taken off only by jamming or cutting. If your macramé bracelet pattern includes beads, shells and other minor adornments, you can put it all together using this type of knot. Some of the other knots that can be used to do lovely bracelet models include, Granny knots, Shoelace knots, thief knot, Grief knot and the Surgeon's knot.

Many of the knots require countless of hours of exercise. Also, it's imperative to utilize thick cords of diverse nuances and drawing pins. When you have mastered at least 2 kinds of knots and have decided for a macrame bracelet configuration that you like, it is time to begin working. The designs depicted with sea-shells will always be highly fashionable. The rectangular knot can be used to secure the selected shells, you have the option of drilling a hole through the chosen shell and attaching a cord. This is recognized to be the easier way of doing things, but it does make the entire macramé experience not as special. as if you used more complicated ways

As for micro-macramé bracelet configurations, you must use cords that are about 2 mm in thickness, and arm yourself with plenty of skill and persistence. Micro-macramé is one of the most accredited types of handiwork, because of the tedious effort they need. Some of the bracelet configurations that are trendy include rainbow macramé's, that are created with strings of a series of vibrant nuances and fit the reggae fashion, double hitch macramé's, metallic bracelets that comprise metal beads or spikes enclosed between thread knots, triangle bracelets, spiral and round bracelets – all produced by tying the exact colors of strings with the proper knots.

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