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Loopz Game – Experience An Unforgettable Christmas With Your Family

What modern video games lack of? They lack active participation from the players. Nowadays, kids tend to choose to play video games than actively participate in a real multi-player game. Years ago, it's not unusual to see bunch of kids (even teenagers) to play together in the park. They may simply play around with their Frisbees, cycling the bikes together or jogging with their dogs. However, being exposed to video games ever since they're below 7-years old, modern kids tend to have their own world. Participation in the community, sometimes even in the family is deprived of.

Parents, who grow up in a completely different world, can not fully comprehend what has happened. Some of them even seem to be ignorant about this fact. Participation or engagement is one of the key things for building relationships. Should your kids lack this ability, they are in danger of growing into someone who will be rejected by the community, just because they are unable to fit themselves in.

Parents should use Christmas moment 2010 to tighten the bonding within the family. One great way to do that is by finding an interesting toy that could be played around by both adults and kids. Parents then should spend some hours to play with their kids, have fun with them, talked with them. Above all, one important thing to do in Christmas is spending some time with family.

Is there any toy that fits for this purpose? Meet the Loopz Game Mattel, a new and better version of Simon Says (back in the late eighties). What is Loopz Game ? It's a memory game that required players to remember and mimic flashing color patterns through waving their hands in and out the "loops". Consists of several game modes and levels, along with ever-quicken patterns, Loopz Game is suitable for both kids and adults. It promotes active participation from the whole families, since players can activate the multi-player mode and competitiveness with up to 4 family members at once. Why should parents sitting in the couch while watching their kids play? This toy encouraged parents to also be the players.

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