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Longboarding – A Skateboarding Alternative For Adults

Many people look for a new hobby to pursue when they start having more free time in their lives. Unfortunately, most people over the age of 30 limit themselves to certain hobbies that seem appropriate for their age. Granted, there are many hobbies that are only pursued by a certain demographic, but in some case it’s okay to defy the status quo. Skateboarding has long been associated with the young and rebellious, so many adults don’t even entertain the idea of picking it up as a hobby, when it’s actually a great form of exercise and transportation among other things. Fortunately, the longboard gives the older crowd a socially acceptable way to break into skateboarding.

The difference between the image of skateboarding and longboarding generally comes from a difference in intention. While riding a longboard is essentially skateboarding on a different type of board, the physical alterations in the board are there to make travelling easier. Many people use longboards not only for fun and exercise, but also to save on gas. On the other hand, the modern day skateboard is built to withstand grinds, jumps, and tricks, but is not ideal for a 5-10 mile ride. Furthermore, longboards are built to be more stable, so there’s less of a learning curve compared to skateboards. the design of the board also allows the rider to cruise for longer periods of time and more comfortably due to softer wheels.

Due to a different intention than skateboarding, the longboard attracts people with a different attitude that is more in line with mature thinking. Wearing helmets and other safe practices are actually encouraged, not frowned upon. Since many longboarders aren’t doing anythign more than just getting across town, they tend to be more respectful because they don’t have anything to prove. There is more of a sharing vibe instead of a territorial one because there are endless miles of asphalt to ride on. Some longboarders like to go on long, fast rides with their buddies for fun, so the group aspect of skateboarding is also present. This is definitely an activity you can do with your friends and family, should you decide to pursue it.

Longboarders generally tend to get less hassle from the police and other people out in public. It helps that longboarders have the image of a more respectful crowd, but this might also be due to physical differences in the board. Skateboards have harder and shorter wheels, which tend to cause damage to property. Many shopping centers do not allow skateboards on the premises, and traffic laws usually do not permit skateboards to be on the streets at all. Doing this could risk getting your board confiscated by the police, but longboarders seem to have fewer problems with this.

Many longboarders hold some disdain for skateboarding because it is so commonly associated with teenagers who act disrespectfully and destroy public property. While this is only a stereotype, it’s an image that is sometimes hard to get away from. Using a different type of board actually allows some people to differentiate themselves from this image, not only to their friends and family, but also to cops and pedestrians. This makes it possible for adults who are afraid of being too old for skateboarding to break into a similar hobby with fewer constraints.

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