Living With The Cat – Chapter 3

If you bought your little new cat from a breeder, they normally already have to visit the veterinarian the first time, got their vaccination and anthelmintic therapy. But if you found your little new friend somewhere on the road or if your little friend found you, please take this time and go see the vet.

Unfortunately cats do not drink as much as they should. For females you will not have too many problems, but if your little cat is a male and sure will be castrated one or the other day, you may inform yourself about the feeding. The industry already observed the great market of dog- and cat-food. But the pellets they sell, are normally too salty for an animal, that does not drink that much. The industry uses minerals, artificial smells or pheromones to make the animal some kind of dependent to their special food.

For castrated cats this often results in cystoliths, what means, first your little tiger will not be able to pee, than he will feel pain, his blood will be poisoned and he will surely die, if nobody recognizes, what is happening. The operation is everything less, than a pleasure for the animal or for your budged.

If you want to avoid all this trouble, accustom your cat to a well balanced nutrition. Do not only give him dry food. Not even every day! Do not get your cat hanging on a special tinned food. Your cat should always eat some fresh fish like sardines, tuna they like too. Give him every week raw meat, like heart of beef, beef tongue or whatever he likes from beef. Once a week he should have a beef liver too. . Of course, there are people who can write a whole book about cat-feeding. You can buy these books, but if you already know the basic things, it will help a lot. I mean a cat does not really need a manual, does it.

If you spend every day some twenty minutes playing with your cat, you will become inseparably friends for life. You care about him, he will care about you. I am living with a cat since 25 years; the first was 1 years on my side, where I went. My little friend from today is already nine years with me – voluntarily if I may say so. He has the freedom to go where ever he wants to, but he looks to like it, where and how I live. I can not say what kind of cat-race is the right one for you. I see people with Persian cats, they seem to be very happy. Other love their European shorthair. My little friend is a maine coon and that is, what I am going to talk about.

Source by Regine Hehn

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