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Domestic cats are very independent and intelligent. They do something only when they want to do it. They are not hesitant in demanding anything that they desire, from play, food or even being left to itself.

Cats come with diverse personalities. Some would meow most of the time, while the other kind remains quiet. Likewise, some are quite fussy and choosy of their food, while others would eat almost any food item and require attention from everyone around. Many are loners, but some want to sit in your lap and love to be held physically.

When it wants to draw your attention, a cat would rub against the masters' legs, meow continuously or follow you around. Quite a few cats give the impression of being attentive to what is happening around them – listening and watching as if they understand all that. Some out-of-door cats are known to glance at either side of road before crossing it.

Cats are known to demonstrate intelligent and even surprising behavior at times. Some of them enjoy listening to music and watching programs on TV. You can know whether a cat is stressed or not – simply lift it up. If it is light and loose, it means it's relaxed. If the same is heavy and tight, it's stressed. Some can be trained to perform tricks like dogs. It is very normal for cats to take short naps frequently, and then the phrase 'cat nap.'

Where a cat prefers sleeping depends on its personality. Many prefer sleeping in secluded places, such as the top of tall cupboards, but others prefer to remain and sleep at the scenes of action. Similarly, may prefer warm, soft places, but others may prefer bright corners. Cats love to hone their claws and their most favorite place for this activity is your couch!

It is better that you provide your cat some place for honing its claws. Also, keep cutting the claws from time to time. You can allow it to scratch at a designated place, away from your carpet. Otherwise, it would learn that its scratching of fabrics is acceptable by you. Offer it a sisal rope or an old carpet, turned upside down.

You'll need to spend time and effort to educate your cat that it should use only the designated place for scratching itself. Some pet owners declaw the cat. Now, that is a surgical procedure and extremely painful for any cat because the claw is a movable part connected to the muscle, quite like a finger. Claws have tough tendons plus ligaments that allow the cat to retract or widen the claws.

Once you declare your cat, it is unable to hold, grasp or walk properly and perform other activities like climbing, springing and stretching. Such cat should not ever be allowed to go outside the home as it will not be able to climb or protect itself from predators.

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