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Learn How to Blow Glass

You may or may not have read another article of mine about learning how to blow glass and all the questions which may spring to mind when thinking of taking up glass blowing as a hobby.

Learning how to blow glass isn’t your everyday, run of the mill hobby but it is one which can fill you with pride and joy when you admire a piece of glass artwork that you’ve created yourself from raw materials, with your own hands and mouth. From producing the smallest of beads to making an intricate vase, you’ll be filled with a kind of satisfaction which no other hobby (I believe) can come close to.

You can find a superb learning at home course, like I did, which shows how you can learn to blow glass within a few days and leads you step by step along the way without even having to attend expensive classes to teach you how to blow glass.

Once you’ve learned the basics of how to blow glass then it’s up to you how much time and effort you put into glass blowing and how quickly you want to advance. Having learning material about how to blow glass close at hand and being able to refer to it at any time is a major advantage to attending a class with set hours. You learn how to blow glass at your own pace and in your own time.

Once you decide you would like to learn how to blow glass you’re going to have to find out what equipment you’ll need, what materials you’ll need and how to set up a small area at home to participate in your exciting new hobby. All of the questions you ask yourself may start to put you off looking into taking up blowing glass as a hobby or passtime, but don’t let it, organising yourself and your equipment is a lot easier than you may think. Equipment and materials you will require are surprisingly inexpensive, even cheap, to come by these days simply by searching online in a famous auction site.

By purchasing a learn at home course on how to blow glass you won’t have to spend a lot of money or commit alot of your valuble time on something like evening classes. You won’t have to commit yourself to something long term with a rigid time frame.

Once you begin to know how to blow glass you won’t want to stop. The pieces of artwork you begin to create will get better and more intricate in time and to see the process happening with a few turns of the pipe and a few puffs of your own breath right in front of you is an absolutely amazing feeling.

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