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Labrador Puppy Training For Beginners

Labrador Puppy Training For Beginners Labrador puppy training needs to begin as soon as possible. This breed of dogs have a huge amount of potential in their blood. Besides being one of the most famous breeds around the world, it is also known as the official assistance dog for people with disabilities. Training Labrador puppies shouldn’t be a hard task, but it will require some patience on your part. These are Labrador puppy training tips that your dog must know and obey if you ever planning on taking your dog out in the public.

First your Lab needs to know his/her name, and come to you as soon as you call. You can start by waiting for your puppy to get distracted, than call out his name and the moment he pays attention reward him with a tasty treat. Do that over and over until he gets the point.

A Labrador will grow up to be a pretty large dog, so you have to teach him how to walk on the lead without pulling or jumping whenever he sees a stranger. Whenever the puppy starts pulling administer a sharp tug and say heel. After a while he will translate heel as walking calmly by your side. And when he does, start concentrating on getting him of the lead and walking next to you without it.

Keep in mind that rewards (treat) will get far better results than fear when training Labrador puppies. Basics such as knowing his name, or when to sit are the best to start with for Labrador puppy training.

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