Is VoIP Secure?

The VoIP service provider looks at security as follows. They want to make sure that their network is secure, their revenue is protected along with their customers. When you sign up for VoIP do not get the false sense of security that everything VoIP is good. Also understand that you will not be able to place a call from everywhere. Even today VoIP still has some reliability and security issues however with that said these issues are being addressed due in part to the increasing demand for this technology.

As we know the broader issue of security is a hot topic these days both on and off the Internet, as a consequence security is being addressed by the industry, global standards bodies and governments, therefore we can expect some serious scrutiny in the issue of secure VoIP. VoIP is equally vulnerable to security risks as traditional IP data networks or any other data that is being sent over the internet.

Just as hackers use software to infiltrate security holes with data transfer, they cam also use this same software to get at your voice data. While this may not be a big issue if you are talking with you child from camp, the contrast can be said when discussing sensitive information while doing business.

So make sure that if you are considering a VoIP provider that they provide security and redundancy so you do not have to worry about the physical requirements and support of your phone system. Secondly you want them to address these issues of security. Ask them if they have separate lines for voice traffic. Ask them what measures they take to secure their networks. You can also ask them if they can Combine a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your VoIP? This can prevent unauthorized access to your phone system

Moving forward into the future VoIP security will continue to be a major concern, just because it's well known that information that passes over the Internet can potentially fall into the wrong hands. As much as it's becoming a concern just as equally are additional resources have been dedicated to these security loop holes. Remember ask lots of questions and get the best service you can for your needs.

Source by Paul Hegarty

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