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Introducing the Big Brother PC Monitor – a USB Keylogger for parents

Big Brother PC Monitor

USB Key Logger defines a gadget  which can record keystrokes typed by a user.The resulting saved data is then written to a text or html file.

The person responsible for installing the device can retrieve the data at his convenience at a later date

The Big Brother PC Monitor – a USB Keylogger?

The Big Brother PC Monitor is a USB KeyLogger, in effect it is a rebranded and updated version of the Spy Cobra produced by ThumbsUp UK. It boasts improved anti virus software detection and a more advanced user interface

Difference between hardware and software KeyLoggers

There are two types of keylogger, both hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers. The main difference being that a hardware keylogger requires a device to be fitted between the keyboard and the computer, will intercept signals passed from keyboard to pc (generated from keystrokes pressed by the user).

Software USB KeyLoggers do not depend on such a device as the software itself is more than competent at logging keypresses. The Big Brother PC Monitor is a good example of a software keylogger.

It has extra features in addition to logging keypresses, it will also take screenshots. These screenshots can be generated at random intervals or if configured correctly a screenshot will be logged when certain keywords are input. For example when your child inputs words such as ‘drugs’/’sex’ it will instantly take a screenshot to show what the child is viewing!

Big Brother PC Monitor Packaging

Covert Monitoring

The Big Brother PC Monitor USB KeyLogger is completely undetectable!  Therefore it will run in the background of the pc without the target becoming aware that their internet activities are being monitored.

Not detected by Norton/AVG/McAfee..!

It has been tested with the latest Antivirus tools  it was not detected by any of the software.

“A security net for kids”

The Big Brother PC Monitor is a security net for kids surfing the internet. As a parent you can make sure that your childrens web surfing activities are completely under your control. . You can record all those sneaky msn chats that occur between your child and a third party, if he/she is talking to a person you would rather they didn’t, you will soon find out about it!

The screenshot grabbing ability of the Big Brother PC Monitor is great for keeping a record of webpages visited and any undesirable content your child may be looking at.

So how does it function and is it easy to configure?

Installation is as simple as inserting the USB Stick into the usb connection of your childs pc and opening the administrator tool.

To configure, simply connect the USB KeyLogger to the computer and run the admin tool

On opening the Admin tool click ‘install BIG BROTHER’. The software will install in a few seconds and immediately begin recording typed keys.

Big Brother PC Monitor Config Screens

TheBig Brother PC Monitor can be further configured to grab screenshots at specified intervals of time, or you can add keywords to trigger a screenshot to be logged.

Saving and retrieving data

To retrieve the data reconnect the USB KeyLogger to the computer, select ‘Move Saved Data’ which will move the output data onto the Big Brother PC Monitor.

The information can then be viewed on a different pc if required by choosing ‘Move Data to PC’ and choosing a folder.

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