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Internet Security – What Does it Actually Mean?

A computer that is connected to any computing network is under the risk of getting infected by malicious programs. One of the major computing networks that is often prone to get attacked is the internet. It is very important to know about what internet security means and what must one do to make his computer from internet threats

Internet security involves safety of all the internet account and all the data that is present in the computer in such a way that any access from an unknown source is blocked. The most fundamental way of protecting your online security is to make use of strong password which usually involves combination alphabets, numbers and special characters.

You must check that Windows Critical Updates feature is activated or not. It can be activated by going into the Control Panel> System> Automatic Updates tab and choose the option that suits about when how do you want the updates to be installed.

Next step you must take is to check that your computer has the following security programs installed: Firewall, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware. Make sure you regularly update such programs over the internet. Firewall is one of the most important programs as it checks all the inbound and outbound communication on the internet and provides utmost internet security. If any malicious activity is found, the Firewall will easily block it.  

Choose an internet service provider that offers you spam and content filters. Spam mails contain dangerous email attachment, if your ISP’s spam filter blocks it, there will be no chance malicious programs to enter your computer by emails. Practices like avoiding clicking on flashy ads such as porn ads, game download ads, software download ads, etc can help you considerably in keeping your computer free from malicious program. Make use of a browser that has an in-built pop-up blocker.

The internet security of your computer can be fortified by making use of above mentioned steps. It is also necessary to follow safe browsing practices to considerably minimize any threats that can be caused due to surfing online.

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