Husky Puppy Feeding and Diet

The First Husky Puppy Meal

The first time you bring your husky home, you will need to give him or her some food. What is the best kind of food to give a husky puppy? What does your husky require nutritionally? Will your husky enjoy the food?

It is a very good idea to involve a vet, breeder or experienced husky trainer when selecting food for a puppy. As a general rule make sure that the food you use is healthy as well as tasty. It is a good to have a nutrition plan for your husky puppy before you bring them home. If you make a last minute decision on what you will feed your husky you'll most likely go for an unhealthy option. Have a plan while remaining flexible with what you feed your husky puppy as they grow.

Dry, Soft, Moist and Canned Pet Food

Dry food is popular with husky owners. The good brands taste great and provide good nutrition for your husky puppy. The added bonus is that dry food health to keep your huskies teeth and gums clean. Dry food can cause your husky to be dehydrated so make sure you always give your husky a bowl of water to go along with dry food.

Soft and moist food provides huskies with a good variation from dry food. You will also get different nutrients from dry food. Canned food has the highest fluid content. They normally contain a lot less nutrients to dry food. If you are feeding your husky canned food, which I do not recommend, you will need to feed them more than usual to make up for the lack of nutrients.

What to look for when buying food for your Husky?

It is important to analyze the nutritional value of any pet food that you get for your husky puppy. Take note of the vitamins and base materials used for the pet food. You need to make sure that your husky is getting a good balance of healthy fat, lean protein and energy giving carbohydrates. The most expensive pet food is not always the most nutritionally beneficial food for your husky puppy.

If your puppy becomes fussy and will only eat a specific type of dog food, this can be because of a change in diet. When trying something different you need to give your husky puppy time to adjust. If your husky refuses to eat a certain type of food after a couple of days, try a different food.

It is not good practice to feed your husky too many extra snacks. You may use tricks for obedience training but do not feed your husky scraps from the dinner table before you feed them. This will kill your husky's appetite and make it hard to keep your husky to a regular feeding routine.

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