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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 3 Hints That A Girl May Give!

If you feel that all that you can see in your history textbook is that cute chick, then you are in need of some help in knowing how to tell if a girl likes you. Girls will always be girls, and she is probably not as ‘bold’ as Sharon Stone. She is shy and she is possibly trying her level best to hide the fact that she has a crush on you. Now, you got to be the smart one and figure out whether she really has taken a liking for you.

Do you know that a girl will take just three minutes in deciding whether you are worth it?  Of course, we are not implying that the fairer sex is faster than men, but what we mean is girls tend to follow their instincts in deciding whether a guy is likeable or not. This entire process is at a sub-conscious level, and so, you may not realize that you have been judged. Chances are that your girl too is not fully aware of how her mind is acting at lightening speed.

Now is the time for you to understand whether the girl really likes you. You must run straightforward, low-risks tests on her to find out ‘if you have any hopes’ or in better terms, whether she is interested in you romantically!  If she shows interest, then you have ‘nailed it’, and now you must move forward with renewed zeal. Now is the time to ask her out. You have to read a girl to determine the answer to your problem of how to tell if a girl likes you.

The first hint that a girl may give is in the fact that she smiles too much around the guy she likes. Many girls tend to behave differently when they are around a guy they like. Girls giggle a lot and if she goes over board with it, then she probably finds you interesting. Watch out for her friends who may give her knowing looks when you arrive. This is a sure shot sign that the girl likes you. Some girls may end up feeling and acting awkward in your presence. Do not make the mistake of thinking that she is not interested; the chances are that she very much is, but she is shy to tell you so.

The next sure sign of the fact that she likes you is that the girl wants to talk to you. She may be hesitant to initiate the conversation, so be the brave young man that you are and approach her. Start talking about the weather then switch the topic to more a personal one like her hobbies. If she talks readily, you know that she likes you. If your girl is shy, you may find her stealing glances at you. Many girls tend to ‘look’ at the guy they like, but they are just too shy to come up and start the conversation.

Still confused about how to tell if a girl likes you? Well, you may want to notice how she behaves in your presence. Some girls may start cracking jokes when you come around. This means that she is trying to tickle your funny bone in order to get you interested. While talking to a girl you like, look deep in to her eyes. If she looks back at you strangely, it means that she is not interested. If she looks right back into your eyes or blushes, then you know that she likes you. Both guys and girls may behave in a manner resembling the other. This is known as SubconsciousMirroring where she will try and mirror your movements subconsciously in your presence.

For instance, if you cross your legs, she will do the same. A girl who likes you will try and touch you or at least, let you touch her. Of course, you are waiting for the first kiss and boys being boys, would not want to wait too long!  If you feel that she is not interested then do not lose heart. Remember, you can try the same ‘tests’ on the next cute

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