How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend & Make Sex the Absolute Hottest it Has Ever Been!

Ladies, I want to share a little something with you that I know for a fact can make your sex life so much hotter. If you have not already, you need to try using dirty talk with your boyfriend. I'm sure you may think that it can be a bit intimidating, but once you try it, I guarantee you'll be hooked. Do not let it scare you. It can actually be very fun, and you need to know that so many couples are sharing erotic talk to add an entirely new level of intelligence to their love life. And you can too!

Here are some tips that I hope can help you start talking dirty with your boyfriend.

Before sharing dirty talk, sit down with a boyfriend and open up to him about the fact that you would like to try using this talk. This will break the ice and make both you much more comfortable. You can talk about what words are a turn on, and what words should probably be avoided. You do not want to experience any awkward moments in the bedroom, and this talk will fix that.

When you start to use dirty talk, try taking a deep breath and relax. You want to sound natural, and not forced or robotic. Avoid clinical terms such as penis or vagina. If you are not exactly sure what words to use, you may want to consider watching an adult movie to get some ideas. You may also want to try practicing in a mirror before hand so that you become more comfortable.

This tip can make using erotic talk easy and fun. Everyone loves getting a compliment, so try complimenting your boyfriend with dirty words. You can describe how good he looks physically, or how fantastic he makes you feel in the bedroom.

I want you to remember that sex is supposed to be fun. So try adding dirty talk to your love life and I have the feeling that you will be amazed at just how hot sex can be!

Source by Deanna Raymond

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