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How To Massage The Prostate – A Manual For Beginners

Prostate massage – a process no less pleasant than the sex, moreover, stimulation of the prostate improves blood circulation in it and, consequently, helps avoid a common male diseases such as prostatitis. Here I will discuss how to make an erotic prostate massage, which, unlike the medical massage is used not only for treatment, but for sexual gratification and prevention of diseases of the prostate.

The prostate, or prostate, has the shape and size, chestnut and is located near the base of the penis (a place inside the body, where, in fact, growing a penis), slightly below the bladder. The prostate produces part of the ejaculatory fluid (also called, seminal fluid). It is often called the male point of G, is now more common as the point P (decoding, I think, is not it?). For many men the prostate – a very sensitive sexual organ, stimulation of which provides a deep and strong sexual pleasure. However, there are men who have this problem – the prostate is enlarged, causing discomfort or even pain during such stimulation. In addition to the pleasant sensations, massage and stimulation of the prostate and contribute more of its prevention of diseases. During the massage of the prostate ducts removed stagnant fluid that may accumulate there due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, or after suffering a cold or infection. In general, the reasons for that would take care of their men’s health in such a pleasant way, I think, quite enough. The time required for such a massage is about 40 minutes, including a shower and prepare.

How to massage the prostate

Take a shower or bath, relax

Many men are experiencing some problems with cleaning the intestines when it comes to anal games. In the case of prostate massage all much easier – it is located near the anus, and feces there is usually not delayed. During a hot shower, you can check it. However, if you plan a deeper dive, need to be concerned about a more thorough cleaning, because the farther into the forest (ie, the anus), the more dirt.

Haircut nails

Anus – piece is very sensitive, and can be easily damaged, so make sure that the nails neatly trimmed, they are no burrs, etc. The same thing – if you use for prostate massage any anal toys – make sure they do not have sharp edges, and in the case of the add – use the nail file. In general, I advise you to use ordinary latex gloves – they are excellent slip inside, protect the sphincter of sharp edges, and you – from possible contact with skin faeces.

It would not hurt to warm up

When a man is excited, the prostate swells a little, so that it becomes easier to find. In short – to view porno during the massage is desirable.

Find a comfortable position

If you came to do prostate massage yourself, take care of the position in which you will easily get to it. Try to lie on one side, pull your knees to your stomach, or crouching. You can lie on your back, just knees to his stomach, and putting a pillow under the waist.

How to find the prostate

You can feel the prostate is approximately 5-6 cm from the anal opening, toward the abdominal muscles – the prostate is almost in contact with the wall of the rectum. Carefully feel for this area of the finger – you should find something resembling a walnut. Some just know when to touch the prostate, some – nothing special feel. In such a case is a little more pressure. In general, ideal when there is someone who can make you massage the prostate. Someone with whom you will be comfortable.

Experiment with touches

Localized location of the prostate begin to experience different types of massage, choosing the one you most pleasing. Yes, do not forget about the intimate gel-lubricated – the process will be much more pleasant and efficient. Some people like the constant pressure on the prostate, periodic pressing, or circular motion. Alternate up and down movement and right-left, try to stretch the muscles of the pelvis and see how it will affect the feelings of prostate massage. The only thing – if, fingering prostate, you will feel pain even from low-energy pressing, is to stop massage and see a doctor – urologist or a gynecologist. Most likely – you have inflammation of the prostate in an acute form. You podlechat, and in the future, possibly ascribe prostate massage. Specialists make it very cool.

Prostate massage with anal toys

Anal toys can be a great solution for prostate massage. Some are specifically designed for this purpose. Such anal toys can be identified by a slight thickening or spikes on the end designed specifically for prostate massage. Some anal toys can vibrate, which makes absolutely different reactions – some men love it more than the usual massage, but some just can not stand. If you use the anal vibrator, make sure that he had had smooth control of speed that would choose the one that will be most comfortable for you.

Try anal plugs

Butt plug – special anal toys, which, when introduced into the anus, do not fall out, because of its special design. Butt plug can stimulate and massage the prostate, while you are doing the usual sex or masturbate, or simply go about their business. Many men say that when they are in nutria anal plug, which produces a constant stimulation of the prostate, this strongly affects the sensation when orgasm, making it stronger and brighter.


Any form of anal games may initially be very intense and even painful. Use our tips in the article anal sex for the first time,  that would avoid the unpleasant sensations. Not force things that are not in a hurry, if you feel discomfort, rest, then try again. Use intimate lubricant gels during prostate massage – it will make the process even more enjoyable.

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